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IGN: jovanmunja
By jovanmunja » 4 months ago
Hello everyone!
I have to tell you about a great update we've just got!
We've released a new game, Dragon Escape!
For those people who doesn't know, Dragon Escape is a parkour based minigame where you have to escape from a dragon doing parkour. The winner is the one who completes the map or the one who beats the map more than the others.
Dragon Escape is in beta release, so, if you find any bugs, you can report them on our forums! :)
For now, we have 3 Dragon Escape maps: Skylands, Through Hell and Pirate Bay.
For now, you can't play Dragon Escape if you want. You can only play if leaders/owners are there on /mb, but, we're planning to add the game to /de very soon!

We are planning to add more maps soon, so, stay tuned! :)