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IGN: jovanmunja
By jovanmunja » 3 months ago

This is the moment that everyone was waiting for!
You can host an FPS on Fakeplex!

The only thing which is not like on Mineplex is that you have to purchase a perk to host an fps!

For $20, you'll have a monthly perk to host an FPS!
You're probably asking: "Why so expensive"?
Well, on your FPS, you are literally an owner! You can do /game ; /tp and much more!
You can also do /e for event commands and /menu for Event Host menu like on Mineplex!

Personal FPS's usually take about 1 day to set up, and they last forever!
So, with that perk, whether you're off, your FPS is still on!
That means you can have your own permanent Fakeplex Private Server!

Purchase a Fakeplex Private Server at