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By SHWindigo » 3 months ago
Hey, I am here to Guide you through Fakeplex it's self! Let's do it!
 Firstly let's talk about the Server, when you first start your journey on Fakeplex! As you may or may not know, this Server is a Mineplex remake. This is a growing community, which has it's own Discord server and Website, you are on it right now. Let's go through some rules. Remember to be a kind member, no toxicity, it is never a good thing, and you can be punished for it.
Don't spam, advertise, argue against Staff/Player's. You know the basic stuff, just use common niceness, and equality, and common sense. 
                                                                                                         Fakeplex Discord

                            Ask a Staff Member for the Discord link if you are interested, with the Discord server you can communicate more efficiently with the community!
                                                                                                           Fakeplex Work's
So, how the server works. There are a few server's to go on, there's Lobby-1, MB-1, HACK-1, SW-1, SG-1, and DE-1 (DE-1 coming soon) Please note some of these server's may not be up due to General Issues. To join these server's simply do /server MB-1, /server SW-1, and all the server's I stated. There is a shop on the website, here you can buy D.Trainee (Donator. Trainee) D.Mod, and D.Admin. You can check the detail's of the rank's at the store, simply left click on the rank Picture on the store, and the Info is right there. The Staff System is a bit more complicated, it is a hard and long ride to complete succesfully. So here's the Staff Information. First of all the Staff rank's are (beginning to top) Trainee, Mod, Sr. Mod, AdminJr. Dev, Dev, Leader, Owner. So the Working's of it is here.
First is the Application phase, to Apply you need to be signed up on the website, then proceed to click the "Apply for Staff" button at the top top right of the screen. Then reed the requirments, and if the meet the requirments then proceed to click the big "Here" button, then fill out your Application form. For a Trainee Application Guide check my thread called
" [Guide] Fakeplex Trainee Application Guide ". If you get Accepted/Denied you will recieve an Alert, alert's are the flag at top right of the screen. Remember be respectful of a Staff Member's decision. If you get Denied do not argue with the Staff, just try improve your application next time. You can re-apply a day after denial. For mote information check Pikery's thread. 

                                                                                   That is the end, there might be an updated Guide!

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